Exurous, the God of Fire

Exurous is the god of fire, and the embodiment of all that it represents. Exurous is said to be the most passionate of his peers, and also, the one with the most fury. His followers consist of the most battle-hardened clerics, the most blood thirsty invokers, and the most brutal paladins. Although having less of an impact in his temple, arcane casters are accepted into the ranks if their is a fire burning in their hearts, and their mastery of flame is absolute. He demands the following:

  • Gain power, no matter the cost
  • Fear not fire’s consuming nature, and attempt to emulate it in every way
  • Act where other will not, and speak when others are mute

Exurous, Reincarnate

Exurous, the man

After Exurous’ death by Jenova’s hand, he became reborn as a mortal man, in order to incubate his weakened divine spark. Who he is and his current location is unknown.


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