Raze Ignis

We don’t why it happened; we only know it did happen. It started when the spark of magic came back to our world. At first, it was only a few people, doing extraordinary things. We thought they were freaks, afraid that they would take over. The United States Congress actually had a bill in the works to “contain” the situation. Too bad they only saw the tip of the iceberg…

It only started with a few, but they were only the omen that would later be realized too late. You see, as the mages of our world gained their power, so did our technology lose its ability to function. Anything electronic started to go on the fritz, and when Arcana awoke from its slumber, all hell broke loose. Planes fell from the skies, cars refused to start, hospitals were without their most important tools, and mankind remembered a world without technology.

I wish I could say it stopped there, but I’d be lying if I did. Arcana, in its awakening found a world that had survived a millennium without it, and a world changed by time. Wild and rampant, it stormed about the world, terraforming much of the earth into its past image. Creatures long forgotten had appeared in these land masses, and not all of them were friendly.

That’s just the beginning, and already, we have lost so much. We must try to stick together, and ally with whom we can. Because we are now in the shadow, of a future lost.

A Future Lost